About Me or, How was The Electric Luthier born

How it Started

At age 12 I thought dressing up as Kiss with 3 buddies was a great idea and I ended up building 3 mockup guitars from thin plywood. The seed was planted. I got my first real electric guitar when I was 15, but the little collection of guitar parts I had kept growing (though not at an impressive pace) and the urge to build a working electric guitar was alive. Back in the eighties information on how to build guitars was hard to come by and specialty tools were even worse. The bug did not die though, it was just hibernating, and I did end up building a mockup ‘Red Special’ and a left-handed white Strat for a Hendrix costume.

Years have gone by and I stumbled upon some Luthiers website and the spark came back.

Overwhelmed with the abundance of information available in the last few years I have spent countless hours watching, learning, sifting through blogs, videos and PDF files to distil the essence and techniques of electric guitar building.  I have gathered and accumulated so much information. In formation I have craved for, for many years and which was now at my fingertips. I had to do something with it and hence was born The Electric Luthier.

Over the years I have lived in Israel, Canada, China and Australia and have traveled to many more countries. I have studied Chinese Medicine, Design and 3D Animation and have had the privilege of teaching as well as working on an Oscar winning animated feature (Happy Feet -2005). I have decided to put my skills together and build The Electric Luthier.

The Website as well as my YouTube channel are both avenues for me to sum up, share and selfishly learn more about the wonderful and expanding world of electric guitar building.

I am by no means a professional Luthier, (I have spent the majority of my adult life as an animator) but I am happy to share my learning, experimenting, my mistakes and my lessons with everyone who cares to view it.

So welcome to my little corner of the internet, come in, Let’s build Guitars.

Yoav Binyamini


# TheElectricLuthier

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