Guitar Headstock Variations – What’s the difference?

. There are different ways to construct the headstock and picking the right one for you will naturally make a big difference on the aesthetics of the guitar but will also effect the strength, the construction methods, the material and parts you use.
We’ll take a look at all aspects of the headstock and see what effect it will have on your future guitar. By the end of this article you should better understand the different methods of building your headstock, picking out the shape and avoiding some common pitfalls and issues which may rise. The headstock can be simple and functional but can also serve as a beautiful ornamental part of the guitar.

All about 24 Fret Guitars

The vast majority of guitars have 22 frets, a few models like older Fenders, have only 21 frets but more and more 24 fret guitar s are popping out in stores in the last few years. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of having those two extra frets so we can weigh them and make a more calculated decision. We’ll take a look at the musical, practical aspect, the aesthetics and the construction aspects of it. I am also going to try and stick to facts and stay away from personal preferences and myth.

Electric Guitars Body Shapes and Styles

The main groups of electric guitar bodies can be divided into three:
• Hollow Body Instruments
• Semi Hollow Body
• Solid Body Instruments
The shape and design of electric guitars developed and evolved in the last hundred years and today you can choose which you would fit your preferred style of music, fashion or guitar icon.
With all these different shapes and styles one can get a bit confused. Whether you are planning on buying or building your next guitar we’ll try and sort things out to get a clear view of what these guitars are all about.

Why Guitar Relicing May be Controversial

First, why is Guitar Relicing Controversial?
Simply put, the controversy of guitar relicing started because a section of players let their aversion for the practice of beating up good looking guitars take a better part of their judgment. As expected, they are arguing strongly against relicing, while the section of guitar players that are advocating for guitar relicing think it is the next best thing that has happened after guitar invention; hence, the controversy.

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