Things to Know About Guitar Neck Replacement

What are the things you need to know about guitar neck replacement?
1. It may involve measurement and even some woodwork.
2. Always be patient to avoid critical errors.
3. Replacement neck specifications should match the original as close as possible.
4. Scale length and fret count are crucial when ordering a replacement.
5. Replacement may get a little complicated, but with the proper precautions it is achievable.
6. Ensure the replacement neck’s profile is to your taste.

All About Electric Guitar Bridge Types

Guitar bridges come in many varied forms, each with their own characteristics that suit different playing styles and give a different sound. However, there are 4 particular styles of the bridge which have gained popularity and are the most commonly used. These are:
– Fixed
– Tremolo
– Tune-O-Matic
– Floyd Rose
There are a lot of differences between these styles, yet some similarities all the same. It’s very important to know what makes each style so different from the other, and what the advantages to each one are. Let’s begin to discuss what makes each style so unique.

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