How to Copy the Design of Any Guitar

You can copy any design by following the next few steps
• Get a clear front view image of the guitar.
• Find out, or decide on the scale length of the guitar.
• Create a full-size graphic document, which will become your blue-print for the guitar
• Scale the image to match the full-scale image
• Trace the guitar parts while checking and using actual size and measurement, of the parts and components.
• Print it out at full scale to make a template.

The Practical (Illustrated) Guide to Slotting a Multi-Scale Guitar

The fanned fretted fingerboard can be fretted following a few basic principles:
* Selecting two scale lengths, one for the lowest string (E for a standard tuning six string) and one for the High E string.
* Deciding at which fret will be the neutral or straight one
* Accurately marking the fret position on the respective top and bottom string line and not on the edges or centerline as standard fretboards.
* Marking and cutting the slots with a fret slotting saw

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