A Stratocaster Body – Get it Right the First Time

How to Build a Stratocaster Body
The classic Strat body is a relatively complex piece of timber. With an asymmetrical body, both front and back cavities, rounded corners and reliefs for comfort. I’ll break it up into a few steps:
• Create your templates
• Prepare the timber
• Glue the body parts
• Rout the front cavities and neck pocket
• Cut the outline shape and Sand it
• Rout the back, tremolo cavity
• Cut/ grind the arm and belly relief
• Round the corners
• Drilling
• Sand and sand.

Which Glues are Right for Electric Guitar Building and Repair

What glue do luthiers use?
• There are four types of glues commonly used by Luthiers:
• Hide Glue- Animal Based Glue
• Carpenters Glue – PVA Glue
• CA glue – Cyano-Acrilate (Superglue)
• Epoxy glue – Two part
Let’s take a look at each of these types to better understand which ones are designed for which task and all the ways we may want to use them. We’ll go through the pros and cons as well as examples and tips for specific glues

What is a Neck Through Guitar?

Neck Through or ‘Neck Thru’ guitars are said to be stiffer and more warp resistant than other types of necks and have better sustain. They will also allow for designs which allow easier access to the very high note frets. We’ll take a look at all these claims and try and understand the pros and cons of having a through neck in your guitar. Are these claims true or just subjective impressions? Is it harder to construct or would actually make life easier for the aspiring guitar builder?

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