Guitar Headstock Variations – What’s the difference?

. There are different ways to construct the headstock and picking the right one for you will naturally make a big difference on the aesthetics of the guitar but will also effect the strength, the construction methods, the material and parts you use.
We’ll take a look at all aspects of the headstock and see what effect it will have on your future guitar. By the end of this article you should better understand the different methods of building your headstock, picking out the shape and avoiding some common pitfalls and issues which may rise. The headstock can be simple and functional but can also serve as a beautiful ornamental part of the guitar.

20 Tip for the Beginner Guitar Builder

As a relative novice myself, I still have a sense of the type of information that may seem trivial to professional and veteran guitar builders. Building a lot on the experience of others and having made my share of mistakes as well, I have assembled the top tips which may help you avoid some mistakes, make the right choices and maybe make this journey a bit smoother. Some of these may overlap or seem to repeat themselves, but there is a point to each one and I’d rather repeat myself than miss one.

35 Must-Have Tools for Building an Electric Guitar

These are the tools you really need to have to cover all aspects of building an electric guitar from scratch. Some are manual, and some electric but there will not be a single task during the guitar build I will leave ‘untooled’. We will need tools for cutting, drilling, routing, measuring, shaping, sanding, fretting, soldering, painting and finishing. Naturally many of the tools are the sort any carpenter will have, but some are very guitar specific and you will not find them at the average carpentry hobbyist’s basement or your local hardware store.

All You Need to Know to Build Your First Electric Guitar

In order to build an electric guitar, you will need to go through a little checklist:
• Decide on the type of guitar and specs you want to build
• Plan the guitar according to those specs (a lot of numbers and measurements)
• Make sure you have or acquire all the parts, materials and tools you need
• Learn the building techniques and tools you may not be familiar with
• Have fun and build an electric guitar!

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