Guitar DIY – How to use radius gauges

There a couple of main uses for the Radius Gauges
The first one is for checking the and adjusting the radius of the fretboard during the guitar construction, where we hold the Radius Gauge against the fretboard and look for spaces or bumps in order to eventually match the desired radius. The second time we us the Radius Gauge is when setting up the guitar with the string on it. At this point we are actually holding the Gauge against the strings themselves to see that they are matching the radius of the fretboard both in the nut area and the bridge.

Things to Know About Guitar Neck Replacement

What are the things you need to know about guitar neck replacement?
1. It may involve measurement and even some woodwork.
2. Always be patient to avoid critical errors.
3. Replacement neck specifications should match the original as close as possible.
4. Scale length and fret count are crucial when ordering a replacement.
5. Replacement may get a little complicated, but with the proper precautions it is achievable.
6. Ensure the replacement neck’s profile is to your taste.

Where do I find Luthier Tools and Supplies?

You were probably wondering if these tools and supplies are something you can find at your local store, do you have to find a specialty shop or can you just by them Online?
The answer is Yes. You can easily find some of them at your local hardware stores and supplies. Other, more specific tools will be found at stores that are lutherie specific stores. Fortunately, you can also find them online. You just need to know what to look for and where.
I will list some of the stores that specialize in these tools and supplies, as well as the options for different qualities and budgets.

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Guitar Building Tools

From the ‘old school’ Luthiers who use nothing but hand tools and produce magnificent works of art, to the most modern custom shops who may start with a 3D model and CNC their way to an almost perfect shape with great consistency and accuracy. I have gathered those different ways and will try and lay out all your options before you so you can decide on the road you want to take into the wonderful world of guitar building.

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