A Compound Radius Fretboard -Your Guide

A compound radius neck is a neck that has one radius at the nut and a different, larger radius at the heel of the neck. This is meant to give a better playing experience for both rhythm playing towards the nut side of the fretboard, and soloing towards the heel side. The change in radius is gradual and will usually be something like a 10” radius at the nut and 16” at the 22nd fret.

35 Must-Have Tools for Building an Electric Guitar

These are the tools you really need to have to cover all aspects of building an electric guitar from scratch. Some are manual, and some electric but there will not be a single task during the guitar build I will leave ‘untooled’. We will need tools for cutting, drilling, routing, measuring, shaping, sanding, fretting, soldering, painting and finishing. Naturally many of the tools are the sort any carpenter will have, but some are very guitar specific and you will not find them at the average carpentry hobbyist’s basement or your local hardware store.

Electric Guitar Nut Files – All about Nuts, Files and Slotting

The basic idea when slotting your nut is file the slots as low as possible (or to the players personal preference) without going too low and creating any buzz. You also want to consider filing the correct width of each slot, the angle and the spacing between slots. Other factors to consider are the tools at your disposal and the type and material of the nut itself.

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