A Compound Radius Fretboard -Your Guide

A compound radius neck is a neck that has one radius at the nut and a different, larger radius at the heel of the neck. This is meant to give a better playing experience for both rhythm playing towards the nut side of the fretboard, and soloing towards the heel side. The change in radius is gradual and will usually be something like a 10” radius at the nut and 16” at the 22nd fret.

What is a Neck Through Guitar?

Neck Through or ‘Neck Thru’ guitars are said to be stiffer and more warp resistant than other types of necks and have better sustain. They will also allow for designs which allow easier access to the very high note frets. We’ll take a look at all these claims and try and understand the pros and cons of having a through neck in your guitar. Are these claims true or just subjective impressions? Is it harder to construct or would actually make life easier for the aspiring guitar builder?

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